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Looking for Washing Machine Repair Service in Singapore? Our experienced and certified technicians will repair your Washing Machine as soon as possible. We also offer competitive industry pricing for your Washing Machine.
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Fixing Singapore Washing Machine has never been easier and cheaper. No one wants to deal with a broken washing machine. At Singapore Washing Machine Repair Service, we understand that washing machine is a valuable asset for the household. Schedule a Washing Machine Repair Service, and we will have you back up and running in days, not weeks. Our washing machine repair service technicians are certified, experienced and professional to provide any assistance you require for your washing machine.

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Our technician will visit your place for inspection and repairing of your Washing Machine. All repair fee are transparent.

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For every Washing Machine repair service, we will provide a warranty for a certain periods. Do contact us back if you have any questions.

washing machine repair
Washing machine bounces around

Most washing machines vibrate to some degree, but if you notice a sudden increase in your washing machines vibration, It could be because your washing machine's shock absorbers have become unconnected from the washing machine’s chassis.

washing machine repair
Washing Machine won’t spin

While your washing machine refusing to spin can be a sign of motor problems. Before contact a repair service for a checking, you may want to try readjusting your load and trying again as some washing machines will only spin when they reach a certain weight.

washing machine repair
Washing machine won’t drain

In the most of the cases, this issue is caused by a blocked drain hose, you’ll have to disconnect the hose from washing machine and then pour the water away. It can be messy work but it’s usually an easy problem to solve, you should also check for any blocks and make sure your filters are clear as well.

washing machine repair
Washing machine is not turning on

Check that your washing machine power outlets and the fuse, it could be as easy as flicking a switch or changing the fuse. It could also be cause by overheated as well, give your washing machine some time to cool down and then try again.

washing machine repair
Washing machine door won’t open

if water is still detected in the washing machine, they won’t open the door. Simply resolve the problem by setting your washing machine on a cycle again to drain it. You may also want to check that the filter and drain are working properly.

washing machine repair
Washing machine has no water

Is it most likely caused by a blocked or damaged hose, so simply double check to make sure it’s clear and not damaged in any way. If confirm that the host is not damage, call for washing machine repair service for help.

Professional & Cheap Washing Machine Repair Service

Our experienced and knowledgeable Washing Machine Repair technicians carry an extensive inventory of parts that make any repair quick and easy. What’s more, it shouldn’t suffer at all in terms of performance.

As the providers of the best washing machine repair service in Singapore, we will make sure that your washing machine runs at optimum levels. We can get your washing machine back to how it used to be regardless of its brand.

Provide Warranty For Washing Machine Repair

Our washing machine repairmen are highly trained and adept professionals who know how to fix a washing machine like nobody's business.

Technician will give your repaired washing machine a total inspection to see if any other repairs or preventative measures need to be taken to keep it in good condition. We can even provide you with some tips on how to reduce damage to the appliance.

Using Proper Tools For Washing Machine Repair

We know how to fix a broken washing machine in Singapore because we have invested years of practice and training in it. We’ve studied pretty much all models from all brands and know the proper tools to use for each case.

We can even tell which tools we’re most likely to need based on the brand of your washing machine. We know which tools are most often called for in a washing machine in Singapore.

All of our Singapore washing machine repairmen are also accredited and licensed to prove that they are fit to do the job and fix your appliances.

We're able to repair all


LG machine washing repair
Bosch washing machine repair
Bosch washing machine repair
Ariston washing machine repair
Ariston washing machine repair
Brandt washing machine repair
Brandt washing machine repair
SAMSUNG washing machine repair
Fisher & Paykel washing machine repair
Fisher & Paykel washing machine repair
Hitachi washing machine repair
Hitachi washing machine repair
Electrolux washing machine repair
Fujioh washing machine repair
Kuche washing machine repair
Candy washing machine repair
Riannai washing machine repair
Smeg washing machine repair
TECNO washing machine repair
Turbo washing machine repair
Panasonic washing machine repair

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